Start at the very beginning…

To start by quoting poorly from a very well known show; it is after all a very good place to start!  Welcome from a very nervous first-time blogger!  Nervous yet very enthusiastic.  The aim of theatreJunki is to provide a discussion base for current affairs in the world of theatre, predominantly within the United Kingdom.

About the blogger…

I am a third year student of BA (Hons) Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, with a compulsive interest in theatre.  I am committed to exploring and debating contemporary issues within UK theatre and aspire to develop a career within commercial theatre post my degree.

I hope that this blog will become useful to academics, professionals and paupers alike and encourage your thoughts and input throughout.  I hope you are able to discover the attraction of these effervescent issues in today’s theatre and entertainment industries, and that you are able to appreciate my lucid passages and feeble attempts at humour, as sampled above.

Here’s to a new era in theatrical conversation.


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