Green-houses: is theatre the eco-vandal of the arts?

It is no longer accepted to remain ignorant of the sustainability of our business actions; the power that is used, the waste that is produced.  These matters are now our responsibility.  It is up to the theatre managers of the future to lead a positive response to the impact of climate change.  We must become more informed and understanding of our buildings in order to develop a meaningful, sustainable approach to our operations.

Theatres are changing as a result of environmental, economic, cultural and social influences.  Theatres set a powerful example to the public at large and can look to use their influence of their audiences to promote awareness of climate change.  However, the required level of knowledge between theatre managers has not yet been acquired and the pressure to answer these questions is increasing.

It is now important to put strategies in place for the long-term, reducing energy use and promoting activities that engage with the public to improve awareness and understanding.  By following good building management and adopting simple, inexpensive modifications to general building lighting, waste and water, the benefits are not only to the environment, but to reducing energy bills.  These are challenges that artists, technicians, designers, consultants, venue managers and all venue staff face now and in the future.  Venue managers are beginning to see the challenges through energy-related building legislation affecting theatres and it is important that practical guiding principles are put in place now.  After all, why wait for the law? Why not lead the field by going further than what is currently required?

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