What’s on in the ‘Circle’?

I was at work in the theatre a few nights ago when I was asked,

“What show is on in the Circle?”

I replied, hopefully not too condescendingly, “The same as in the Stalls.” I was tempted to write ‘The Circle’ as the name of a venue which, I presume, was the thought of this unaccustomed theatregoer.  However, this set me thinking – we have multi-screen cinema complexes, why not theatres?

Today’s ever-changing audiences demand variety and a need for flexibility.  Now you are probably thinking of the National Theatre but variety is the key to my idea; the auditoria sharing Shakespeare and Lloyd Webber side by side.  Could this ever work on the large commercial scale?  How would the management operate?  Is it right that one venue would provide such a large cultural service for one area?  I do however expect that this could work in the large cities and surely in a similar way to the National, one production could help fund another.

In a lucrative theatrical future, this could indeed be possible.  Just a thought.

theatreJunki © 2009

One Response to “What’s on in the ‘Circle’?”
  1. annasmertens says:

    Very interesting!! And I would say a great MRP……. I didn’t realize this was your blog until I checked where it was all coming from! Very nice and I will certainly add you to my blogroll.

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