Review: We Will Rock You

For me it has been a long anticipated result after working on the casting for this show, but last night, I sat quietly impressed by the cast, who carried this exhilarating score.  The book is by no means a masterpiece work, but the dynamic music continually reminds you why you are there and why you are loving every moment.

The production suffered greatly from a poor touring set and an obvious presence of stage crew at numerous intervals throughout the show.  Scene changes often moved awkwardly, and the set up of the ‘dump-yard’ scene behind the tabs was horrifically noisy, giving a disappointing level of production integrity.  However, the highly accomplished and engaging cast made apologies for these mistakes.  Alex Gaumond’s hero, Galileo, was just brilliant, with a voice well worthy of every note of Freddie’s songs.  Likewise, Sarah French-Ellis’ misfit Scaramouche was incredible and utterly compelling.  I admit that I had initial concerns over the chosen “stars” in the show, being Jonathan Wilkes, Brenda Edwards – X-Factor semi-finalist 2005, and Georgina Hagen – Britannia High; however all were fantastic, with Georgina really shining.

The second act was finally crowned with an encore of Bohemian Rhapsody featuring Brian May and Roger Taylor where the audience were suddenly transposed to awestruck Queen fans, ending the show with a rapturous standing ovation across the whole house.

With an fantastic and indulgent after-show party adorned with celebrities including Robbie Williams, Antony Costa, Coleen Nolan, Denise Walsh and many others, who could deny the incredible experience this night had been.

Thanks go to JJ and 107.6 Juice FM Liverpool for their press tickets.

theatreJunki © 2009


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