A little grumble…

Does anyone else find it incredibly rude when members of the audience begin to leave as soon as the curtain falls before the bows?  The cast have performed tirelessly for two or more hours and somehow they cannot take a few minutes to thank and congratulate them through applause because they wish to beat the rush.  I find that incredibly rude.  Moan over…

3 Responses to “A little grumble…”
  1. I once went to see a show that said it would be 2 hour including an interval. It was actually about 2 hours 45 mins. Even though the show was ok I was REALLY cross. We had to rush to get back to the pay and display car park. Howamy others had to rush for trains or had lifts waiting? So maybe those guys leaving had trains to catch? Or maybe they didn’t like the show? Was it good?

    • theatrejunki says:

      I certainly understand if the show is over-running or indeed not very good but this particular example was ballet which makes it even more unacceptable, but also a stunning show that everyone has been blown away by. Having said that, it’s an observation of many, many shows, not just this one example.

  2. Gari says:

    Agreed, but I find it even ruder when people leave DURING the final song(s) – this happens a lot at some of the more up-tempo musicals, you notice big groups of people just wandering off!

    The only time I’ve ever approved of mass walking out was last year’s Gone With The Wind at the New London – shocking, a rediculous runtime and not at all engaging.


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