West End Musicians have gone to the Pit(s)!

It has been released today that some West End shows are to do away with their live orchestras in an attempt to improve the quality of the show music.  Increasing pressure for musicals to be accompanied by a recorded track has been given clearance by the relevant industry bodies.

In recent years, the quality of live musicians playing in West End shows has become subject to great scrutiny.  One cast member of musical Wicked was quoted as saying “Some days I don’t even know which song we’re on because the band are so rubbish, I think the move to a recorded track would help both the actors on stage and the paying audience.” Further comments come from prolific West End producer and writer Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, who commenting on his latest masterpiece, Love Never Dies, said “It’s a tough call but had the option been there, I wouldn’t have wanted a live band for the show.  They just cannot play the material eight-shows a week.  I have considered a National reality-television contest to find these musicians but a track would be easier for the existing shows.” Love Never Dies has opened to phenomenal reviews and is currently booking into 2014, though the theatre staff have received many complaints about the quality of the music.

Although it has not been fully confirmed which musicals are to remove the live orchestras, Producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh has stated that where possible, he intends to “replace the orchestra pits with premium seating”.  Thankfully the increase in unemployed musicians will give great benefit to the provision of buskers on the London Underground network.  I for one look forward to listening to Defying Gravity as I ascend the escalator at Waterloo…

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3 Responses to “West End Musicians have gone to the Pit(s)!”
  1. RS says:

    Phenomenal reviews for LND?! Most of them were outright pans.

  2. Raj says:

    R, check your calendar…

  3. Steph says:

    I enjoyed that.. Almost as much as I enjoyed RS’s vulnerability…

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