Impressions: Hair

Tonight I saw a Broadway show…an entire Broadway cast, fabulous may I add, on stage, only not on Broadway.  The Public Theater’s Tony Award-winning new production of Hair has landed in London with an explosion of joy, love and life.  This is the first time that the complete cast of a Broadway show has transferred to London and it brings with it great comfort yet exhilarating freshness.  The production is an experience unlike any other as actors move freely from stage to audience, climbing over and teasing those lucky enough.  The set is honest and shows the full workings of the stage accordingly, with rock concert style lighting and sound to thrill the audience.  But the workings of this show, although more visible than one may be used to, were not apparent.  The whole production is so compelling and captivating that you are simply involved in what is happening at any one moment.

Hair has created a great buzz of excitement prior-to and since its arrival and I’m confident that it will continue to.  A show that was revolutionary and extraordinary in 1968 is equally so today.  Hair is a unique live experience that truly carries its message of love and freedom to all that are lucky enough to witness.  Book your ticket now.

Booking until January 2011 at the Gielgud Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue.

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One Response to “Impressions: Hair”
  1. Not sure if I am seeing this one, it didnt really grab me to begin with despite all the accolades it’s received. Is this yur first theatre outing since you moved to the city? >I am more excited about that!<

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