Fame Blog: Rehearsals so far…’Hard Work’!

As I write this, it’s the end of day three of rehearsals.  I’m sat in my hotel room and to be honest, I can’t wait to get to bed!  Its been an exhausting few days for both the cast and the team but we’ve got lots to show for it.

We began on Monday by meeting all 144 of our lovely cast and getting them familiarised with their registration groups and chaperones and the creative team.  We then took time to run a short quiz on safety, as theatres can easily be a hazardous place!  We looked at appropriate behaviour, both on and off stage, as well as the do’s and don’ts during rehearsals and the shows.  We then set to work on the first read-through.  This is the first time that the whole cast and creative team get to hear the script read by the respective young-actors and has great importance in familiarising everyone with the script and story of the play.  Even before lunch we managed to get cracking on the opening music number, ‘Hard Work’.  I’m certain that this number has set precedent for the entire two weeks as even more than previous years, this show is going to require a lot of hard work!  The opening harmonies sounded great right from the off, and we’re sure its going to be a tremendous opening to the show.

Day two included a lot more work on the ensemble songs as well as lots of the solo numbers and duets.  We’re hugely impressed by the singing so far and are so lucky to have such a talented cast.  The ensemble also undertook some character building workshops with our Director Kei and dance with Gil, our choreographer, again working on the opening number.

Day three is notoriously the tough one as exhaustion starts to hit both the cast and project team.  Despite this, we had a hugely successful day, continuing work on the big opening numbers and individual scenes and songs.  Gil’s Assistant Nicola continued work on some of the dance routines and we concluded the day with a show-and-tell session to see some of the fabulous work that’s been completed already!

Its been a tough few days but we’ve got off to an excellent start and are very excited for what will certainly be our biggest and best show yet!  Keep a look out for future blogs where I’ll be joined by some members of our lovely cast to share some behind-the-scenes gossip!

Tim x

Count down to show: 5 days!

To buy tickets for ‘Fame – The Musical’ at the Liverpool Empire or for more info about the show click here.


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