Fame Blog: Week One of ‘Making Magic’…

Well it’s the end of week one, already! We’ve had five days of rehearsals and have a well-deserved weekend of rest before we continue.  On Thursday we started putting together the movement and blocking of ‘Hard Work’, which incorporates all 144 of our cast on stage, so it took some careful working out!  Gil and Nicola continued work on some of the big dance routines, including the title number of the show, and Paul, the Musical Director, and I continued work with some of the solo songs.  On Thursday afternoon I took a workshop where, to take the pressure off a little, we had some fun writing our own short ‘Stage Experience’ songs.  Set to the music of either Don’t Stop Believin’, Rehab or Fame, each group came up with their own lyrics about how they were enjoying the project.  Although this project has a very clear aim to stage the show to as high a standard as possible, for the young people involved it’s also about having fun, making friends and developing skills.  Each group performed their song to the group at the end, including the chaperone’s who had come up with a song of their own!

On Friday we set about tidying things up and putting everything together.  In the afternoon we managed a full run of Act One and were really pleased to see everything coming together.  Unfortunately we ran out of time before we could run Act Two, so we’ll have to catch that up on Monday! Meanwhile, our technical team and young technicians began hanging lights and masking drapes on stage, ready for the arrival of the set early on Monday morning.  Next week is where it all gets really exciting: besides the set being delivered and built on Monday, the band rehearse on Tuesday night, light plotting takes place and our technical rehearsal gets underway on Wednesday before Thursday’s dress rehearsal and opening night!

I’ll be keeping you up-to-date with the goings on throughout the week and will be joined in the next blog by some of our very talented, and very busy, cast!

Tim x

Count down to show: 3 days!

To buy tickets for ‘Fame – The Musical’ at the Liverpool Empire or for more info about the show click here.


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