Fame Blog: Back to the theatre!

After a wonderfully restful weekend, were back at the theatre for the last two days of rehearsal before we begin the onstage tech on Wednesday and go into show-mode from Thursday.  After a few bits of filling-in-the-gaps, we ran through Act Two for the first time, piecing the scenes, dances and songs together.  Our cast were full of energy again today and there certainly were some stunning performances to be enjoyed.  I’m now joined by four of our young performers who wish to share their experience with you!

“Hi, I’m Sarah, I’m playing a character in the ensemble.  Her name is Courtney. She came over from Liverpool to go to PA. I’m really enjoying the project. I’m learning new skills everyday. All the skills I’m learning are helping me to develop my drama skills. The best bits of the project are learning all the songs and dances, as well as making new friends.”

“I’m Heather, I’m part of the ensemble but through the character building workshop we had to decide who we actually were. So I am Sophie from LA and I am majoring in Drama. The project so far is amazing; I am shattered every day because it really is hard…work, but it will all be worth it. It’s been great meeting new people and making new friends. The cast is amazing and I think the show will be a great one. I can’t wait to continue the rehearsal process and see the show grow as we add more scenes. I think the shows will be fun and the after show party just happens to fall on my birthday which I find exciting :)”

“I’m Mr Sheinkopf, the music teacher.  He is German and for some reason has a dislike for Lambchops. One thing I love about the project is the way that everyone supports each other and how everyone has grown so close.  We are like a big family!” Tom 😀

“I’m Grace Lamb (Lambchops) who plays percussion.  Mr Sheinkopf for some-reason dislikes me but he’ll get over it I’m sure. I have beef with Goody…he’s alright really. I randomly shout ‘Pink Floyd’.  Lunchtimes are the best!
I love how even though I have done the project now for 4 years I still make new friends and I still am in contact with them now, its great.  This is by far the best stage experience and I’m pretty sure next year will be even better” Vanessa 🙂

One reason I love working with these young people is that they never cease to amaze me with how energetic, talented and funny they all are.  I’ve been involved with this project since the first in 2006 and every year the standard is raised.  I’m certain this show will be the best yet!

Tim x

To buy tickets for ‘Fame – The Musical’ at the Liverpool Empire or for more info about the show click here.

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2 Responses to “Fame Blog: Back to the theatre!”
  1. . says:

    far to many people to do fame

    • theatrejunki says:

      As explained in the original post, this project is an intensive summer school for young people aged 11-21. Therefore we take a large number of participants so that this opportunity can be extended to as many young people as possible. Even so, we audition many more young people to take part and therefore the 144 participants are very lucky and talented to achieve a place. As ever with this type of project, although the young people work with a professional creative team to achieve the highest professional quality possible, the aim of this project is ultimately to provide the best experience for those taking part. The show is carefully chosen to allow for a large ensemble to be fully included and we are certain that we have created a high quality production and provided the best training, support and experience to the participants. I’m sure by reading the comments from the young people in this post, you will understand the benefits of this project for them. I hope this answers your comment.

      Best wishes,

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