Impressions: Tap Dogs

Last night I joined two friends to see Tap Dogs at the Novello Theatre. With a little knowledge of the movie Bootmen, I had basic expectations of what the night might hold.  At only 80 minutes long with no interval, Tap Dogs features six (mostly Australian) men performing non-stop tap dance routines set on a construction site. The staging of the show is intended to represent the steel making community of Australia in which the original dancers had grown up and was created by Dein Perry in 1995.  This is the show’s second West End engagement after duteously winning an Oliver award in 1996.

The show is exhilarating, fast paced and humorous, featuring the talents of Adam Garcia (Saturday Night Fever, Wicked). The spectacle of these apparently ordinary guys creating electrifying moves and sound from tapping on girders and scaffolding gives the excitement of a rock concert twinned with the need for rhythm and to dance. The set is required to be functional and is not over designed.  The basic story is carried through though not exerted and the show is rightfully centred around the talented dancers and provides an all round good time.

Tap Dogs runs to 5th September 2010 at the Novello Theatre, West End. However, don’t sit on the front row…

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