Review: The Magician’s Daughter

Following on from The Tempest, an RSC and Little Angel Theatre collaboration last month, The Magician’s Daughter unites the two companies again in a new story for 3-6 year olds, inspired by and continuing Shakespeare’s story. Written by former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen, The Magician’s Daughter tells of the adventures of Miranda’s daughter Isabella, as she discovers the magical island and the characters Ariel and Caliban in her plight to end a long rainstorm.

Little Angel’s blend of puppetry and song makes this a gentle introduction to Shakespeare for young children, as well as a magical piece of theatre for anyone. Having witnessed the brilliant humour and creativity brought to The Tempest, The Magician’s Daughter continues the puppet design and characterisation with a younger audience in mind.  Performers Lizzie Wort and Clare Rebekah Pointing showed great adaptability in a multitude of roles and demands in puppetry, as well as a rapport with children in the audience.  The themes of The Tempest continue too in this piece, with small insights into the links to Milan by Miranda’s occasional use of Italian and the parallel storm that Isabella seeks to end.

Little Angel Theatre is a truly magical place, situated in a quiet little corner of Islington where they celebrate 50 years of creating truly magical and inspiring puppet theatre. The Magician’s Daughter is a gentle, uncomplicated and exciting story that will both captivate and set-free young minds.

Runs until 10th July at Little Angel Theatre, Islington.

Copyright © theatreJunki 2011.  Image Copyright to Little Angel Theatre.

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