Impressions: The Boy James

An enchanting yet painful exploration of the innocence of childhood, penetrated by the cruelty of growing up.  Belt Up Theatre’s The Boy James brings to life the magic of storytelling through this beguiling concept and takes the audience in-hand on this story based around the life of Peter Pan author J. M. Barrie.  This experimental … Continue reading

Impressions: Deathtrap

Deathtrap at the Noël Coward Theatre, a wonderfully written comedy with the plot twisting and turning like a theatrical rollercoaster with thrills in all the right places.  Jonathan Groff as the apparently green-behind-the-ears Clifford, held his character with a great underlying discomfort.  Simon Russell Beale, as Sydney, is so beautifully natural when acting comedy of … Continue reading

Impressions: Departure Lounge

A group of sunburned lads await their delayed return flight in the departure lounge of Malaga airport.  After a drunken ‘Brits on tour’ style holiday that involved mainly (and I paraphrase) ‘booze, birds and….bonking’, the group of friends reflect on the weeks conquests.  With their memories drink-addled, a level of confusion strikes their recollections and … Continue reading

Impressions: Tap Dogs

Last night I joined two friends to see Tap Dogs at the Novello Theatre. With a little knowledge of the movie Bootmen, I had basic expectations of what the night might hold.  At only 80 minutes long with no interval, Tap Dogs features six (mostly Australian) men performing non-stop tap dance routines set on a … Continue reading

Impressions: Hair

Tonight I saw a Broadway show…an entire Broadway cast, fabulous may I add, on stage, only not on Broadway.  The Public Theater’s Tony Award-winning new production of Hair has landed in London with an explosion of joy, love and life.  This is the first time that the complete cast of a Broadway show has transferred … Continue reading

Impressions: tick, tick…BOOM!

tick…tick…tick… As I write, a clock on the shelf above my desk ticks.  My watch ticks.  My heart beats.  tick…tick…tick… the sound of one man’s mounting anxiety.  Tick, tick, Boom! is the autobiographical story of composer Jonathan Larson.  Jon lives in New York City, an aspiring composer, he is nearing his thirtieth birthday and is … Continue reading

Impressions: Coward’s Blithe Spirit

For those not familar with the piece, Blithe Spirit is Nöel Coward’s comedic tale of Charles Condomine, a writer, who is reaquainted with his deceased first wife Elvira after dabbling in the occult skills of the eccentric Madam Arcati.  Charles’s misjudged attempt to research mediumship for his next novel results in the return of a … Continue reading

Impressions: Pinter’s The Caretaker

Jonathan Pryce returns to the Liverpool Everyman in Harold Pinter’s ‘The Caretaker’ as Davies the loquacious tramp.  Pryce first arrived at the Everyman forty years ago and soon found himself running the theatre for six months.  Since then, Pryce appeared in The Caretaker in 1981 at the National Theatre playing the Mick, the dangerous young … Continue reading

Spring Fever…

In the oppressed surroundings of Hammersmith, Spring Awakening has come to life on the Lyric main stage. After more than a year in search of the perfect cast, the eagerly anticipated show opened on 3rd February, and last Saturday I ventured out to see it. The Lyric’s modern context for a Victorian theatre makes it … Continue reading

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