Review: One Man Two Guvnors

Though the original company may now have been shipped off to Broadway – this triumph of stage comedy still holds strong in its new home of the Theatre Royal, Haymarket.  Set in the criminal underground of Brighton in 1963, we follow the helpless confusion of the life of Francis Henshall (Owain Arthur) and his basic quest … Continue reading

What’s on in the ‘Circle’?

I was at work in the theatre a few nights ago when I was asked, “What show is on in the Circle?” I replied, hopefully not too condescendingly, “The same as in the Stalls.” I was tempted to write ‘The Circle’ as the name of a venue which, I presume, was the thought of this … Continue reading

Is theatre going down the YouTube?

Theatre exists as a live medium, every aspect unique to the live experience.  The communal, social aspect, the feeling of connection with the actors on stage, all militates against it being successfully transferred to video. Yet, there are all manner of clips from plays and musicals online, but is the internet really a help, or … Continue reading

Public vs Private investment

It is true to say that in this country private funding for the arts is uninspiring and the battle between public subsidy and private/corporate support continually a current issue.  Especially when compared to other European countries, private support for the arts in the UK is appalling.  The opportunity is overlooked, meaning that productions rely heavily … Continue reading

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